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Underarm fats

Fats between the breasts and underarms.


Spare boob, boob spill, chicken cutlets, blurbs, pit fat, whatever you call them you know you hate them and they may even stop you from wearing the strapless dress or thin-strapped top.

Like cellulites they may even plague ladies who are not overweight. Worst than cellulite, ladies who are fit and workout often are not spared. I know you know it, but for the benefit of the uninformed or misinformed, spot reduction is not possible. Meaning for example, all the crunches in the world will not reduce belly fats. Instead you will need to reduce overall body fat to reduce your waist line. If spot reduction is a reality, Nike would not have sold millions of sports shoes today.

The same concept applies to the fats between the breasts and underarms. A combination of a good diet, cardio and resistance exercises will pave the way to tighter underarms. If you have any reservations on weight training and are afraid you will turn out to be a muscle monster read these two articles; Weight Training Myths for Ladies Laid to Rest (Part I)and Weight Training Myths for Ladies Laid to Rest (Part II).

On a blog post by Michelle, an exercise physiologist and an avid runner who believes she’s in good shape wrote, “Obviously losing fat will make the area smaller but it still may not be firm (my problem).” This is where weight / resistance training comes in.

Here’s your underarm fat busting workout (to be followed by some cardio and lean diet):


Nobody’s asking you to do a single-handed-GI-Jane push-up. Regular push-ups will do. If you cannot do a regular push-up, I would not recommend dropping your knees on the floor, it’s just painful on the most important joint on your body. Instead try inclined-push-ups, where your hands are higher than where your feet are. The stair case is a good start. As you progress and get stronger, reduce the inclination.

I remember Demi Moore did not bulk up even when she was doing those single handed push-ups. So let’s start pushing away!

Tip: try doing them with different hand widths apart and focus at the top of the movement where you contract your pectorial muscles. Aim 4 sets to failure (do until you cannot do, then rest for 1-3 minutes and repeat 3 more times).

Dumbbell flye

This can be done lying on a bench or on a ball. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and bring them down side ways with arms stretched out to the point they would not go any lower and further. Now this is the tricky part, with the dumbbells at the lowest and furthest position, bring them together in a semi circle motion using your pectorial muscles, not your arm and not your shoulders.

If you use your arm or shoulder power, it will defeat the whole purpose of this exercise. This exercise is extremely effective for two reasons; firstly you stretch your underarms fully with the assistance of the weights and secondly you contract them. Both the stretch and contraction have been proven to a certain degree to tone muscles. That’s why yoga is so popular.

Tip: try varying inclination of 0 to 45 degrees. Choose a pair of weights where you can feel the contraction on your pectorials and always stretch your hands out and down fully. Aim for 4 sets of 20 repetitions.


If you do an online search on how to eliminate armpit fats, pull-downs never come out. If there is just one weight training exercise that elevates your metabolic rate and at the same time being very female friendly is the pull-down.

Why pull-downs can jack up your metabolic rate is because it recruits multiple muscle groups to perform, in other words it’s a compound movement. Why it is female friendly is because this exercise is relatively safe and extremely simple to learn. At the same time, it does hit your targeted area though it was designed more of a lats workout.

Tip: keep your back straight at all times and as you pull the bar down, bring your chest up. You may lean slightly backwards while doing this exercise. Aim for 4 sets of 20 repetitions.


The pre determined number of repetitions means that you should be carrying weights that you can lift for only that number of reps. If you can lift more reps, means you are not lifting heavy enough or if you cannot complete the reps means you are lifting too heavy.


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